Our Nursery and Pre-school Unit caters for 30 children between 2 years and starting school.  We work on a ration of 1 adult to every 4 children for 2 year olds and 1 adult to every to 8 children for children aged 3 years and above.  All our Nursery Practitioners are fully qualified and trained in the Early Years Foundation Stage and have been DBS cleared.

Children participate in a range of activities, which take due account of their interests and achievements and their developing physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities.  The children learn through play.  Play is spontaneous, self-initiated activity that occurs simply for the pleasure of it, and because it has real value for the child, but is important for you to understand that play is also a process through which significant learning occurs.

The major goad of our quality educare programme is to support the growth and development of the children.  When you give children opportunity to play in a secure and caring environment you will be contributing to their overall development.  Learning is a natural process for children if the environment allows it to take place.  Our aim is to enable children to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wide range of material.  We also encourage children to develop a greater understanding of cause and effect by introducing a variety of equipment, media and technologies.

Pre-school and Nursery children are all allocated a key person who will be responsible for the care and development of your child during their stay with us.  Your child's key person will be responsible for completing their learning journeys with photographs and observations, which are used to plan for your child's individual needs.  Parents and practitioners have a lot to from each other, so parents are regularly asked to review their child's progress and contribute to their learning through discussion evenings and open days.  

All children who have reached 3 years of age are entitled to 15 hours of Free Early Years Education. As of September 2017 some families will be eligible for 30 hours of free funding, this is to be means tested, children will be eligible for this if both parents are currently working over 16 hours and earning less than £100,000 a year. They can access these hours from the term after their third birthday.  These fifteen hours can be be used flexibly throughout the day, however they must be used in blocks of 2.5 hours.  You will not be asked to pay any additional charges for these hours unless you would like your child to access a hot meal at lunch time.

Some 2 year old children will also be able to access 15 hours of Free Early Years Entitlement.  However this is not yet universal and there are criteria to meet for example, if your household income is less £16,190, or you claim certain benefits, you may be entitled.  For further information please either contact the Nursery of the Family Information Service Lancashire 0800 195 0137. alternatively, you can call us at the nursery for more information.

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